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Under 2 years - Babies and Toddlers

(The ratio for staff is one adult to three Children)

The Lavender Room is used for babies and toddlers, with a separate area for the younger babies. Your child will receive all the loving care he/she requires to grow and develop. The children are encouraged to access a variety of toys, equipment and activities, including messy play and heuristic play, encouraging the children to develop with in all the six areas of Learning and Development.

A key person will work closely with every child to ensure a warm loving environment similar to the one they have at home where they can build trust. Staff communicates with parent's/carer's on daily basis. All children have a pocket and peg with their name on, in the pockets you will find any art/craft work to go home as well as nursery newsletters etc.

Children access outside play twice a day. We regularly take babies/toddlers for walks in the village, where they get opportunities to see the village church, the local school, the farm and feed the horses or just a stroll to enjoy the fresh air. After lunch the children have quiet/sleep time.