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Learn, play and grow. 

Welcome to Rothersthorpe Day Nursery


Baby Rooms

We have two baby rooms Forget me room and Bluebell room. Bluebell room is designed for babies to play, crawl and learn to toddle. Forget me room is our cosy sleep room.

Toddler Rooms

We have two spacious and exciting toddler rooms, Lavender room and Daffodil room. The space is designed to build independence and curiosity, with lots of learning resources to explore accessible at all times.


The Children are encouraged to be autonomous hence we have implemented free flow between the pre-school and outside, enjoying and enriching learning environment that fully supports their individual needs.


The nursery provides an excellent play and care facility for school aged children, an ideal facility for working parents.


Our Approach

At Rothersthope Nursery we aim to provide our children with a happy, healthy and safe home to home enviornment in a nurturing and creative atmosphere following a child-centred way of thinking that inspires children to learn in their own way

What Parents Think

Our daughter has been going to Rothersthorpe Day nursery for the last two years, since she was one.

The village setting and home from home feel is lovely.

She has been super happy there and continues to be. The environment is one of care, active learning through play and encouragement, within a stable and balanced routine. The staff are consistent and long standing, so she knows them well, and they know her, so excellent relationships have been formed. She looks forward to going and includes staff members in her normal day to day chatter.

I highly recommend it.

Jana Miller

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