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Your Child is in Great Hands


About us

Rothersthorpe Day Nursery is an educational nursery rather than just a day care facility. We aim to provide a learning environment, which encourages a high degree of autonomy in all children as well as gaining confidence and self esteem. We give support to enable children to develop the skills they need to express themselves and record their experiences and feelings. The nursery is established in a delightful converted school with a substantial and secure outside play area providing a stimulating, caring and happy environment. We provide outstanding facilities for children aged 3 months to 5 years.


At Rothersthorpe day nursery, we fully realise and appreciate the extensive value of PLAY in a child's all round development, hence, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is aimed at and incorporates meeting the EYFS standards. Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. We develop a "partnership" with parents to achieve mutual respect and understanding of our roles. Parents are welcome at all times in the Nursery, and are given ample opportunity to discuss their child's progress with us.

Health & Safety


We understand that proper hygiene is absolutely crucial in our setting and is our top priority. The setting is cleaned at the end of each day with a deep sanitisation taking place weekly. To minimise spread of any infection, we encourage staff and children to have rigorous hand washing process  (see infection control policy). Staff wear disposable gloves when changing nappies and use anti bacterial spray on the mat after each nappy change. The toys and resources are cleaned regularly.


We are very conscious of cross-contamination for both allergic and hygienic reasons which is why we ensure that all surfaces are wiped down prior to eating and/or activities and each child’s hands are washed throughout the day including prior to meals and after playing outside.


Sickness and illness

We have a very strict and fair policy when it comes to children who are unwell. We ask parents to keep children at home if they are unwell as it is in their best interest to be in a home environment rather than at setting with their peers. We promote good health of children attending the nursery including oral health. Children have regular access to outside.


We follow the guidance given to us by Public Health England (Health Protection In Schools and other childcare facilities) and advice from our local health protection unit on exclusion times for specific illnesses, e.g. sickness and diarrhoea, measles and chicken pox, to protect other children in the setting.

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